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Plan Your Plate While Shifting to Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is the best solution to prevent or delay health problems. Eat a healthy diet along with exercise helps you to control various problems from heart diseases to diabetes, obesity and more. A diet that offers essential nutrients to your body and you can stick it with for the long run will be ideal for you.

Limit Added Sugars 

Added sugars are the extra sweeteners used in the manufacturing of food & drink. Corn syrup, brown sugar and honey are the common sweeteners used for extra sweetness.    

Control Fats

Fat is high in calories that can cause heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and other problems. You can consume healthy fats which are in liquid form at room temperature. For reference - canola, corn, and peanut oil have unsaturated fats.   


For healthy eating, you need to limit the use of salt. Processed food has a high amount of sodium. Avoid junk food and start cooking your own food to control the sodium.

To ensure your body gets all the essential nutrients without increasing calories intake, replace your one meal a day with the Healthiest Meal Replacement Shakes.